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Character/ Personality

The number of vibrational Units in DNA reveals the secrets of a person's character. These vibrations contain the strength of a person's character, ambition, and attitude towards himself and others. 

This indicator shows, first of all, the perception of the world and oneself in it. Imagine that we look at the world through different lenses of glasses or a camera. We all see the same object but from a different perspective and a different angle. This part is the most important in interpersonal relationships. Knowing about your character and another person's character, you can avoid conflicts and problems.

Some people change quickly, while others are more stable. Units also indicate the dynamism of DNA. The dynamism of DNA is the ability to transform energy from one part of it to another quickly.

Ambitiousness is another facet that the vibration of units reveals. In society, it is customary to consider ambition as something negative. Ambition is the desire and ability to achieve big goals. The person himself decides which way to follow this goal: positive and negative. Ambitious people mostly make discoveries in medicine and science. Ambition is a huge power. The main thing is to learn how to use it correctly.

Units reveal another important indicator - the potential for mercy, care, and compassion. Here we are talking about one of the transformations of a person when the strength of character and his potential can turn into care and mercy. Not everyone has the opportunity for this transformation, but not everyone desires to make it either.

Units are one of the indicators that shows the balance of female and male energy in humans. This information is critical for some people, and their DNA since inner harmony may depend on this balance.

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