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Interest/ Enthusiasm/Passion

The number of vibrational Threes in DNA indicates the stability of interests, self-confidence, the accumulation and transfer of knowledge and experience, learning ability, a tendency to fears and phobias, cheerfulness, and attitude towards authorities.

At first glance, there is nothing in common in these areas, but they all indicate how much a person trusts the World. This indicator reveals a person's ability to be in harmony with himself and with the World at the moment. A person with vital energy in this part of DNA from birth knows how to enjoy the moment and be here and now. Such an attitude to the World and oneself gives a person the right mindset to his capabilities, self-esteem, faith in himself and the future. If we draw an analogy with psychology, then we can safely call such a person an optimist. If this part of DNA is less developed in a person, we can call him a rationalist or a pessimist, depending on the rest of the DNA vibrations.

Vibrational Threes are responsible for stability or mood swings and tend to maintain a stable interest in something. This indicator is directly related to Vibrational Temperament and Vibrational Habits.

Throughout our lives, we are constantly learning. We are taught by life; we are trained in the family, school, university, and professional activities. Wherever we go, we have to learn. The vibration of Threes in DNA also reflects the innate desire and ability to learn. Learning is experience. And we all develop our experience in different ways. Someone prefers to learn from their mistakes; someone can use other people's experience. At the same time, this property also applies to the transfer of existing knowledge to other people.
Interestingly, the success of understanding any subject by pupils or students directly depends on the ability of the teacher to transfer the existing knowledge. A person can "learn to learn" at the expense of other energies. But the Energy of Threes speaks precisely about the innate ability to learn, accept, and transfer knowledge.

Our understanding of beauty is also embedded in the vibration of Threes. This part of DNA opens the opportunity to see beauty in all its manifestations, as well as a penchant for artistic taste.

Fear and phobias are a side effect of the lack of ability or desire to trust the World and other people. Fear arises when we do not understand or do not trust what is happening. But fear is also a massive force because it is a deterrent!

Interestingly, this part of DNA was directly related to the tendency to dopamine addiction. The hormone dopamine is responsible for our tendency to all sorts of addictions.


Threes are one of the indicators for the balance of female and male energy in humans. This information is critical for some people, and their DNA since inner harmony may depend on this balance.

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