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The presence and number of Vibrational Fives in DNA show opportunity propensity to solve logical problems, sense of humor, intuition, ability to fantasize, attitude to his own and others' mistakes, gullibility, and a tendency to cheat.

Since childhood, we have noticed that some of us find mathematics and the exact sciences easier than the humanities. This indicates which part of the brain we tend to use. The Vibrational Fives show which part of the human brain is more active. Some of us manage to develop an ability for logical problems; for some, this ability does not manifest itself throughout our lives. It also depends on the original Vibration of Fives in DNA and the ability to transform additional energy into this part.

People who have a lot of energy in this part of DNA are more analytical than others. And this applies not only to the working sphere but also to everyday life. Presence and the presence of logic will be fundamental for this type of people.

Another interesting manifestation of the vibrations of the Five is the attitude towards one's own mistakes and the mistakes of other people. Criticism of oneself and others, as a rule, indicates an analytical mindset. On the other hand, if the vibrations of the Fives in the DNA are not primary, then such people will be able to use the brain's right hemisphere more often and have constant access to new ideas and fantasies. Also, they will not be afraid to start something anew after their own or someone else's mistake.

A sense of humor is another important indicator of the vibrations of Fives. Its presence, form, and relevance are a manifestation of the energy in this part of the DNA. Depending on other DNA vibrations, humor can manifest itself in different ways.


Interestingly, although the Vibration of Fives is an indicator of logical thinking, its presence indicates the presence of intuition in a person.

Our world is filled with gadgets, which help the constant energy migration in DNA from the Memory area to Logic. For this reason, the Vibrational Fives and Nines of DNA Personality are considered together in the analysis.

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