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Vibrations of Purpose/Goal indicate the number of purposes, the scale of the goal or dream, the manner of achieving it, and the ability to get results. Also, this vibrational manifestation indicates how quickly a person can achieve his goals.

 Additional Vibrations of DNA are stable manifestations of a combination of several Main Vibrations. Due to that fact, the internal vibrations are more prone to change.

For example, the Goal is determined by the vibrations of the Character, Health, and the Field of Possibilities. 
Character:  A person sets goals based on ambition and its orientation, using the vibrations of the Units for it.
Health: Vibrational Fours from the Health sector is responsible for most yang vibrations. To give his goal the first impulse, a person needs to use his masculine principle of yang energy. 
Possibilities: The way of realizing the goal, their quantity, and timeliness correspond to the vibration of the Field of Possibilities. Depending on the ability  to use this field, people go to their goals in different ways.

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