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  • What I should know about photonics energy before attending to sessions?
    Photonic Energy requires you to be in an environment free of distractions. You must also be hydrated so the energy can flow freely through your body.
  • Before I subscribe to a plan, can I try experience a healing session?
    Yes! There are a few ways you can experience a Photonic session. You can register for a 1 month's trial. You can request a paid private session You can attend one of our Instagram experiential sessions.
  • How to subscribe?
    To subscribe, you need to register first at our webpage. Please download the file
  • If I have subscription but I can’t attend to all sessions this week. What I should do?
    Photonic sessions are always rotating weekly, simply attend the next one.
  • Are sessions always the same?
    Our sessions are always alive and change every time but have a specific structure. Our team specially designs this structure for the greatest and best effect. It is also worth noting that we work on the principle of cyclicality. Each week is one cycle. Each cycle is devoted to certain areas, at first glance, unrelated to each other.
  • What and how I must prepare before online session?
    You must be in a quiet place with no distractions. Hydration is very important before and after a photonic session.
  • It is safe for children and animals?
  • Is the Photon sessions secured?
    Yes. Photonic sessions are the most secure healing sessions in the world mainly because you are not exchanging energy with someone else. Photonic energy is a pure light output with no energy exchange.
  • Are there any side effects?
    Yes, some people experience detoxification symptoms such as headaches, possible chills, and sluggishness. This is caused when photonic energy pushes toxins out of the body. We recommend you drink lots of water, and refrain from alcohol and unhealthy foods at least 2-3 days after a photonic session. You will feel amazing after a few days. ( If you smoke or vape, your detox process may be longer )
  • What I should feel during the session?
    During a Photonic Session, many people experience a calming of the nervous system and mental clarity, others experience pulsations, tingling, warm and cold sensations as well as a burst of energy. Others experience an outburst of trapped emotions. Everyone is different and will experience something unique.
  • What I can experience after a session?
    After a Photonic Session, many people experience a " calming" effect as well as mental clarity. Others experience a feeling of both physical and energetic" lightness." More connected to themselves and their senses, increased patience, higher intuition.
  • Can We participate with my spouse together?
    Absolutely, we encourage you to participate with your family and friends. Photonic Energy is very healing when working with multiple people. Kick back, relax and enjoy the energy.
  • I never meditate. Can I attend?
    Yes! Photonic Energy is very calming and will help you to relax into a meditative state. Our live session will also help to guide your mind from wandering aimlessly.
  • Can I be physically in the sun during a photonic session?
    Yes, we encourage you to be in nature barefooted and grounded to the earth if possible.
  • What life areas will the photonic sessions affect?
    Photonic Energy affects all Physical and Energetic areas of life.
  • What is best physical position for a photonics session?
    The best physical position during a photonic session is sitting in a lotus-style posture or sitting with both feet firmly on the ground. It's important to be comfortable with your neck and back supported. Make sure your legs and arms are not crossed.
  • Should I do something between the photonic online sessions to enhance my result?
    Yes, we will be giving " homework" practices to enhance photonic healing even after the session. We recommend healthy nutritional support with the right products, staying hydrated, meditation, and guided affirmations.
  • Can photonic sessions be combined with other practices? ( yoga, reiki)
    Yes! Photonic Energy can be combined with multiple healing modalities as well as yoga and Qi gong. It enhances the outcome as well as protects the healer and the patient.
  • I am on the medication. Can I attend to session?
    Yes, Photonic Energy will not affect your meds, pacemakers, or metals. It's even safe for post-chemotherapy.
  • Would photon energy affect any Implants or pacemakers in my body?
    Not at all.
  • Can I attend if I am currently sick?
    Yes! Photonic Energy helps to increase the vibrational frequency of the body and will greatly help in the recovery process. When you are in a high vibrational state, dis-ease cannot exist.
  • I am in a low mental/emotional state (depression, anxiety, anger, sadness). Can I attend?
    Yes! The Root of all Emotional / Mental states is due to the lack of Photonic light particles in the Brain. Photonic Energy is absorbed through the eyes and penetrates the Brain. Once the brain has sufficient Photonic Energy, it then restores the balance of neurotransmitters and triggers the necessary chemical processes responsible for proper function.
  • Can I attend a session if I’m a user of ( alcohol, drugs etc.)?
    No. Photonic Energy is very powerful and is absorbed directly into your brain and cells. This will cause a very unpleasant detoxification effect.
  • Can I attend a live session if I am holder of photon ball already?
    Absolutely yes! When an existing photon holder attends a live session, the photonic energy is amplified and directed into specific areas as needed.
  • Can I buy photonic ball for myself?
    Yes! Coming soon... The Photon Ball will only be available to the members of the platform as well as to people who are in service to others and the planet.
  • Can I do a session with my kid(s)?
    Yes! Photonic Energy adapts to the individual and provides the exact amount of energy necessary. Photonic Energy is even safe if you are pregnant.
  • Would photonics sessions help my teenager?
    Yes! Photonic Energy is extremely helpful for teens. The teenage body goes through hormonal changes which can trigger many physical discomforts and emotions. Photonic Energy helps to stabilize the hormonal fluctuations, thus making the teenage process an easy transition.
  • Can I do my session with my pet?
    Yes! Animals love Photonic Energy! You will often see them next to the area where the photons are concentrated during a session. More importantly, Photonic Energy helps in the physical and emotional healing of all animals. It will help to decrease anxiety, calm their nervous system, heal any wounds and keep them in overall good physical health.
  • I am religious. Would those sessions affect my believe?
    Absolutely not! The beauty of Photonic Energy is that it's a pure and natural source of light from our sun. It does not conflict with any belief system.
  • I do not believe in energy healing. Whould it help me anyway?
    Yes, if you give permission to work, it will help.
  • Can I request to work on my specific areas or needs?
    If you need help with a specific area, we have the option of a personal Photon Healing Session or even more options. In this personalized session, you will be working with one-on-one targeting. For details, please get in touch with us:
  • Can I get private sessions?
    If you need help with a specific area, we have the option of a personal Photon Healing Session or even more options. In this personalized session, you will be working with one-on-one targeting. For details, please get in touch with us:
  • Can I become a Photonic healer?
    Each of us, from birth, can transmit photon energy. We plan to create a training course for those who want to learn how to conduct photon energy to other people. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in this.

If you didn't find your question in FAQ'S, please, contact us

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