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 The DNA-Personality method is based on the knowledge and methods of two seemingly incompatible areas: spirituality and information technology. I noticed the similarity between the behavior of Big Data and the information-vibration body of a person. Each person is a Universe with its own laws, processes, and concepts. All the information of his vibrational body is stored in DNA. DNA is constantly updated and supplemented with new information as a person lives and acts. Big Data is built on the same principle of storing and recording information. This function is carried by data centers, which consist of clustered servers. I have the ability to receive information from human DNA as a Data Scientist from Big Data   clusters. The methods of analysis and principles of working from Big Data help structure this information logically. Information in this form has a logical and accessible form for understanding. Thus, a person receives a manual instruction for his DNA, with which he can work with any of the four methods to improve his life.

Who is this DNA-PERSONALITY for? 

DNA-Personality is a universal tool for self-knowledge. It is designed to help in everyday life with simple and understandable actions. DNA personalities will help you understand and study your vibrations and co-vibrations in your relationships, family, and work. It is designed to raise the vibrations of a person or their group and grow spiritually. 

Individual DNA-Personality, first of all, will help you understand and recognize yourself from a new perspective. Supplement knowledge about yourself, look at existing ones from a new angle and learn how to correct specific personal processes. You will understand where certain character traits and abilities come from in you. You will be able to accept and learn about your uniqueness and talents. All this knowledge will help you understand who you are and what you need. You will understand how to be in harmony with yourself and the world around you. When a person is in this harmony, any decisions are easily given to him. You will be able to choose the right partner, the field of activity, or hobby, and establish relationships with loved ones and society. You will gain knowledge that can be used in daily life and the spiritual realm. You will be able to increase the frequency of your vibrations and understand your deep vibrational processes to get on your True Path. DNA personalitie will teach you how to correct your life and go through your individual life lessons to be in a state of harmony and happiness. 

Who it's for: Anyone of any age, including children.

Where and how can you apply the acquired knowledge: 

  • Parenting 

  • Daily life 

  • Spiritual growth

  • Partner selection 

  • Choice of the field of activity/work 

  • Work/Life Process 

  • Improvements Social life 

  • Finding yourself 

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Couple DNA-Personality is aimed at improving the vibrational dynamics in a couple. This method is based on the co-vibration of the DNA of two different people. A couple's knowledge can correct existing problems and avoid future ones. New knowledge will help you properly distribute responsibilities, understand your role as a couple, and get practical advice. You will learn how to make your relationships harmonious based on what you were born with. You will be able to create a truly harmonious union. By your example, you will understand the meaning of the words "together we are stronger." And I can answer any question regarding your couple and your relationship. 

The Couple DNA Personality has three sessions:  one for two of you and one separate session for each. 

Family DNA-Personality is built on the principle of vibration of more than two DNAs. You use the talents and characteristics of your loved ones to create harmony in the home and family. 

Business of DNA-Personality is built on the principle of having more than two DNA vibrations. Using the talents and characteristics of people in the team, you can create a vibrational harmony that will help strengthen and grow your business.

How to work with DNA-PERSONALITY

DNA Personality is not just a method that helps understand internal and external processes. This method aims to enable a person to work with his vibrations, thereby correcting his processes and life.



One way to correct the energy in DNA is through spiritual practices and meditation. This method is suitable for everyone, even if a person has never meditated. Every person has the ability to meditate.



The mental method includes affirmations and working with the mind. This method is the best suited for people  who    prefer to "control" the process. 



The physical method is based on physical actions and habits. There are many ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. Habits are one of the most accessible options. 


Each person can transform vibrations into DNA, depending on the tasks. There are four approaches to working with DNA-Personality: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Photonic. Each person can choose their own way of transforming energy into DNA or combining these methods.  I usually recommend a combination of several methods.

4 ways to work with DNA



 DNA-Personality method is based on the knowledge of vibrations in DNA. Each person creates their reality of life using the colors of vibrations. Each vibration has its sound, emotion, color, and shape. You draw your universe based on the palette that you have. Your DNA is updated and supplemented every second based on your processes, thoughts, actions, and feelings. For an easy understanding of your vibration, I have divided all the information into segments of vibrational numbers. Their quantity and co-vibration can explain to you your internal and external processes. Also, DNA codes indicate those unique vibrations and connections that affect your DNA and, as a result, life.  

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To better understand and detect vibrations, this method DNA-Personality  is divided into 3 steps: 

1. Your profile 
2. DNA-Personality Analysis 
3. The session

how to work with DNA-Perssonality.png

You submit questionnaire  for profile  

You receive from me email with questions/confirmation 

On the session we cover all questions and  the  strategy 

7-10 day prior session you receive  your DNA-Personality

Step 1.
DNA-Personalities Profile

To create your profile, you must submit the questionnaire. 
This is a very important step. Your answers will help to clarify the following information: 
1. Your basic information includes contact info
2. Possibility, absence, and the fact of critical vibrational transformations
3. Potential external factors that may influence your DNA vibrations

I will also keep this information to the following possible work with you. 

I specifically built the questionnaire so that it would take you only 3-5 minutes to fill it out.

Please pay attention to each item. The more honest you are, the more I can help you.

How does this stage take place?

After payment, you will receive a link with a questionnaire. As I mentioned, it will only take just 3-5 minutes. I will be working on your questionnaire within two working days. And may contact you for possible clarification of the details. Within two working days, you will receive the confirmation when I start to work with your DNA.



Step 2.

DNA Personality Analysis 

At this stage, I create your DNA Personality based on your profile.
And 7-10 days before the session, you will receive DNA-Personality via mail.

Please reply to this email to confirm that you have received DNA Personality and can open the file.

You have 7-10 days to study the material and write down questions on it.


Step 3.

DNA-Personality Session

The DNA-Personality session is conducted online. It can be built in two different ways. You will pick the way of our session. 

The first option we will discuss with you all your questions. And you get recommendations from me for your original request.
The second option is a way when I will point out unique and vital points. And you get recommendations from me.

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